Our Yoga Classes

Description of Kripalu Yoga Classes

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Extremely gentle and restorative – before Level 1

The class begins with inner listening and focused breathing. Getting comfortable and being in the body is the first step. After a good stretch, poses are introduced and practiced – using very slow movements the body will strengthen and improve with the use of props and supports. The class comes to a close with a deep relaxation, and all is well. Come to a journey of mind/body awareness and connection because you are so worth it.

Beginners Level 1

An introduction to Yoga. The class will begin with a brief check in, 20 minutes of stretching for body awareness and the proceed to posture work followed by final relaxation and brief meditation. Great entry level class.

Moderate Level 2

The class requires longer meditation with the postures being held for prolonged periods. One requires a moderate ability level and some level of experience. The class will also explore series of postures, posture flows, and various breathing techniques.