Art Therapy

Art can be whatever it manifests itself to be; what is paramount is what we give value to.  Engaging in a creative process, using painting, drawing, and sculpture can be perceived as an immense force of transformative action.  "From its first appearance on the earth the human race has used it creative energies to survive and prosper.  The act of creation has documented the human situation from the cave people to the present - expressing loss, filling voids, coping with confusion, concretizing abstract religious and mystical beliefs and providing support for self-awareness and actualization allowing us to rise above any other life form in existence."  (Jean Winslow)

The arts enable you to work with material and the creative process to engage in imagination functioning as the :"phenomenon of the third" which explores creative and healing transformation.  The arts will take you on a journey to explore love, sadness, joy, fear, despair, confusion, rage, isolation, elation, and creativity.

The process will provide a means for you to discover both the self and the world, and how you relate, the two.  Art therapy uses various art materials, such as pint, clay, crayons, oil sticks, fabric, magazines, and paper to create and explore imagery using visual form.

Come on an experiential journey in Art Therapy.

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Group Art Therapy at Purity Spring



Art Therapy:

Picture One: Control

The client came to therapy with many drawings.  All the drawings were created

 in pencil.  Picture 1 & 2, the client drew like this for seven years while engaging in traditional Psychotherapy sessions.

Picture Two: Control


Picture Three: The Scribble

Patient gave up pencil drawing and use color and free form.  The beginning of letting go

Picture Four: Stuckness


Picture Five: Isolation

The client is an adult child of an alocholic - 1st Alanon Meeting

Picture Six: Identifying

Second Allon meeting - "Identifying" the yellow connection.

Picture Seven:

Dissociation from the group, not wanting to be in a meeting.

Picture Eight: The Shield

Keeping others baggage away


Picture Nine:

Drowning in the sea of obsessional thinking

Picture Ten: Feelings:

Picture Eleven: Emptiness Inside

Picture Twelve: Birth of Self:

The journey from an eating disorder to the beginning of self.

Picture Thirteen: Aliveness & Being

Picture Fourteen: Transformation

Picture Fifteen: Connection

Picture Sixteen: Final Picture