About Us

"It was my first time taking yoga and I feel so lucky to have had such a wonderful mentor. She has such a gift for teaching and sharing. It was such a good feeling to know every Monday night I was going to such an inviting and inspiring atmosphere. Now that I moved I plan to continue my practice. Thank you for opening my mind and getting me more in tune with my body, it has truly enhanced the quality of my life many times over, Thank you"
    - Katrina - Marblehead

"Debbie is a warm and compassionate yoga teacher. She brings out the very best in people and in our yoga practice. You will love yoga even more when you take her class!!!"
    - Debra C., Peabody

"I have been taking yoga since 2001 - Yoga has kept me flexible and relaxed. Deb is a great teacher, very nurturing and willing to work with anyone at their own level."
    - Barbara J.

"I've been taking yoga for almost five years. Deb is a wonderful teacher always striving to teach us more and making each class challenging. She brings us all peace in a hectic world."
    - Millie S., Danvers

"I have been a devoted student of yoga with Deb for several years and have enjoyed each and every class. She is not only very knowledgeable, but her classes are really fun. "
    - Carol F., Salem

"My first experience with yoga was amazing. Deborah took the time to explain each step and pose, so I could make the most out of it. I really feel relaxed and free and can't wait to try yoga again."
    - Heather B., Corporate Client

"Deb's yoga class re-energizes me and I look forward to weekly session. Practicing yoga with others has helped me so much in my daily living. It keeps my body flexible and strong as well as focused and positive . Deb is a wonderful, up beat person and a marvelous yoga teacher. Attending her class is a real joy for me."     - Cindy S., Peabody