Expressive Therapy Services

Deborah Kako, M.Ed., MA, LMHC

Therapies are concerned with finding a language to demonstrate what cannot be expressed verbally. The art therapies involve much non-verbal work; they can explore even those painful experiences, which occurred before we learned to talk. Through the chosen medium and discussion, it is possible to bring these past issues to the conscious level to resolve them.

The goal of expressive and psychotherapy is to develop deeper self-awareness, allowing one to either change, or accept aspects of themselves that are preventing them from leading fulfilling and independent lives.

Art Therapy - uses various art products to create and explore imagery and express feelings using visual form. This activity will establish and increase self-awareness and explore conflict in order to reach deep levels of the mind in order to promote healing change. Materials, such as, paint, clay, crayons, oil sticks, fabric, magazines, and paper are utilized.

Movement Therapy – we express ourselves through our bodies before we learn to talk or walk. Feelings are conveyed through movement. As we grow, feelings and actions become less spontaneous and more conditioned. Movement is a way of bypassing the conscious mind and making contact with the inner emotional world. To this end repressed feelings and thought patterns can be explored in a non-verbal realm.

Music and Sound Therapy – the aim of this therapy is to express emotions and release tension. Sound therapy aims to restore disturbed inner rhythms to their natural state via the use of sound waves.

Psychodrama – is an action method for individual and group psychotherapy. Participants in psychodrama recreate life situations from the past to examine conflicts, problems, and/or unresolved issues. This action method structures spontaneity and overcoming blocks. Desired changes become possible.

Psychotherapy – counseling therapies that rely on supportive and skilled listening in order to facilitate verbal communication of thoughts and emotions to deal with personal development, relationship problems, addiction, anxiety, depression, phobias, obsessions, compulsions, grief, dissociative and eating disorders.

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Instant Therapy

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It's Time to Tune In!

Be everything you can be! Want to change your life? Are you sick and tired of repeating the past? Is your relationship working? Are you where you want to be? Brief supportive therapy will assist you in gaining insights to make necessary change for growth and empowerment when you are ready for change.

Dream Work

Dreams can be useful for problem solving, to compensate and offer satisfaction, unlock repressed themes and unveil warnings for future events, health and other dangers.
What are your dreams communicating? Understanding your dreams will increase your awareness of deeper levels of meaning and give you direction to life situations when you take time to hear what your mind has to say.

Customized Yoga

Customized yoga for individuals and groups. For stress reduction and to improve well-being. Check our schedule for upcoming classes, and for upcoming events.

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