What Is Yoga?

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word for union. Practicing Yoga strengthens the union of the mind/body and spirit to restore one to a balanced state. When the mind is relaxed, at peace there is an increase in spiritual development, which is the true seed of Yoga. According to Alternative Health Care:

"The three aspects of the code which Yoga concentrates most are:

1. Pranayama (breathing)
2. Asanas (postures)
3. Dhyana (meditation)

Through rigorous practice of these principles, the practitioner aims to achieve the ultimate goal of self-enlightenment."

Yoga as therapy:

It can be used as therapy to balance and restore physical, mental, and spiritual health, in order to empower you to become everything you can be. Yoga as therapy can be greatly beneficial to physical and mental fitness and well-being.

Yoga as Art:

Yoga can be a sport but this approach is widely controversial.
The more accepted approach is Yoga as an art form. Yoga participants display extremely difficult Yoga postures to demonstrate their skills and beautiful physiques.

Yoga as fitness training:

This is the most popular way Westerners use the practice of Yoga; its’ focus is concerned about the physical body condition, little attention is on moral spiritual aspect of Yoga, attention beyond the body is limited.

Yoga as a lifestyle:

You live Yoga – daily practice and meditation with awareness and compassion for all living creatures. You are mindful of what you should eat, how you work, live life and relate to others and the world around you. It is a system of conscious living.

Yoga as spiritual discipline:

Traditional approaches to Yoga, as well as, spiritual discipline discovering your true nature and path towards enlightenment.

Yoga friends: