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I am a Japanese Chin named Rudy and have been known “to have it all”. My breed has had royal approval, Great Britain’s Queen Alexandra had 26 Japanese Chins. We were first mentioned in a Chinese manuscript dated 57AD and were bred only in exclusively noble households. Also we possess immense valor according to the book Japanese Chin by Claude Alexander. There is a story out of California where one of my peers defended his helpless, crippled mistress against the attack of a rabid cat and gave his life in the process. We love our owners.

We share ancestors with the Pekingese. The Japanese Chin and Pekingese were ruling class companions developed for their intelligence, beauty and most important affection.

Meantime around the late 16th century a Dutch trader was permitted a limited visit to Japan. He told the story of the Japanese passion for dogs, noting that to kill a dog was considered equivalent to murdering a human being and that the killer met the same fate as any other murderer.

Long before the Dutch trader’s visit to Japan, would-be Chinese invaders chronicled the Japanese love of dogs and therefore named the country the “Island of Dogs”. Ceremonial gifts from the emperor always included a dog.

In our linage we have two distinct types of Chin dogs: one is the northern like me - I weigh over 15lbs on a good day. My Ruby is from southern Japan, she is 7 lbs. Yup, I am a northerner and she is a “Southern Belle”.

Much of the old way in the life of Japan vanished after World War II. Since the war, however, the Japanese Chin has experienced a revival in its' native land. Around 1964, our breed was honored as one of the country's national symbols and appeared on Japanese postage stamps.


Madeline Rudy

A Love Story

I received the name Rudy because when I was five months old I could barely walk and I could not go downstairs very well; I was in a crate (at the pet store) for so long that it had an effect on my ability to move freely. Then one day a family came to the store and took me home. I had been left behind after the holiday season, because I was a big chin, my new owner looked me in the eye and decided I was going to be taken home, what a day that was. It took me a few weeks to be able to walk down stairs and outside; then one day I just took off like a reindeer (Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer) I felt like I could fly off the deck and I did, from then on I was called Rudy.

My new home was big with a fenced-in yard and plenty of furniture to get comfortable on; and especially convenient was the window where Madeline and I could look out the window and conduct daily guard-duty. Oh, let me tell you about Madeline, she was this beautiful older West Highland Terrier female who I immediately fell in love with. She taught me how to bark, jump for treats, and share my issues and most important take charge of things. She always sat on the very top of furniture. She was a dominant female. I liked that! Madeline was not afraid of anything. So I always would walked behind her.

There are times when I had to be careful of her especially when it came to her food. She would take a bite out of me if I got too close; there were some close calls.

Madeline and I had a great life together we visited Provincetown (at the tip of Cape Cod); I got to play on the beach and stay in a hotel. We went for many walks under the moonlight and endless rides in the car. Dr. Tom took care of our health and kept the fleas and ticks away; we were thankful for that in so many ways.

Madeline loved to lie between Dad’s legs and fall asleep watching TV while I cuddled at his side. There was nothing like a good rub.

We had to say good-bye to Madeline one day, she became sick with an incurable skin disease. I did not eat for 2 days. I stayed in the cellar looking for her, I missed her so much, we were always together side by side I thought to myself where is she? She never did come back.

Time went by slow until this creature arrived at my house. It did have four legs and was black and white like me but I could not focus on both eyes at the same time because she had a wandering eye. She had a huge under bite with crooked teeth, a birthmark on her lips and these wild hairs jutting out from her nose and worst of all she kept looking at me. Even gave me a kiss or two. I thought to myself – what was this?

I had to begin to snap out of my depression in order to protect myself. Even though Ruby was 9 weeks old and only 4 pounds. I did not know what to expect. She was staring at me with those wandering eyes. She always wanted to be near me – Oh boy; I knew this could be trouble it was the beginning…

Hi Rudy! My name is Red Ruby. But they call me Ruby like the gemstone because I am a real gem.

Hi, my name is Ruby.

What is this?

I better snap out of this depression!

Ruby the Southern Belle

I'm available Rudy!

I miss my Madeline.

I just met a guy named Rudy. He is sad because he lost his love.

He is a real looker.

Ruby and Rudy

I'm falling in love with you, Rudy.

Oh no!

This is Uncle Raymond. He visits me every Sunday and if I am good, he gives me a pat on the back. I wait for my Uncle Raymond all week.

My name is Bailey, and I have my eye on you Rudy!

I'm glad to have Aunt Nancy and Uncle Lee in my life.

As time went on, I did fall for Ruby.

We always sit side by side

We did hitch up.

Rudy loves me and we live together every day.

May we have peace throughout the universe and on the planet earth.

Love, Ruby and Rudy

© Deborah Ann Kako

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