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Letter from Deborah

What a great year

Erich Schiffmann and Deborah Kako
Yoga students in support of homeless animals at a night to howl event

Yoga and prevention services continue to gain more attention. According to "Time" magazine of June 2009 studies have already documented positive impact preventative measures can have on health. What is less established is the financial cost that prevention saves a company. Yoga has continued to be conducted throughout the local community in private, public and medical settings. Art and music therapy aid in the development of mental health and wellness as coping skills. Our community of Yoga students have supported homeless pets to benefit local animal shelters. Moving into the corporate world to assist with stress reduction and wellness trainings, we are moving ahead.

As most of you are probably aware of new yoga studios are springing up everywhere, more hospital settings are offering programs for employees; it's the pioneer work of leaders like swami Kripalu form India who broke his vow of silence and came to America to bring the healing gifts of yoga service to America decades ago.

The major forms of integrative therapies that have been demonstrated to have healing effects are yoga, massage, meditation, acupuncture, art therapy, music therapy as well as poetry and writing. Some new types of alternative psychotherapies are now on the horizon, such as, past life regressive therapy, psychodrama and a come back of bioenergetics. A new generation of technologically sophisticated individuals are emerging they have increased body awareness with an expansive mind that includes a global community that breaks down boundaries. Anything is possible! It is a time of opportunity and a time to be able to make multi-demensional connections.

Let are mission be to make the world a better place for all humanity and inhabitants. Let it begin with these thoughts.

Deborah Ann Kako